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Image Map Skippers Destroyers Reunions Memoriam Whatever Happened Sea Stories Misc. Logbook The Crew The Ship The Man I enjoyed serving aboard this fine lady from March 1959 to September 1960
as a Yeoman 3rd class. The Bailey was my first home away from home.
Now I pay tribute to her.

This site is dedicated to those sailors who played and continue to play such an important role in helping to maintain the freedom of the seas.  Especially to all my Bailey shipmates, those men who first took her to sea; to all the men who last took her to sea, and to the many lives she so greatly touched in-between.

Our Navy defends the right of our country and its allies to travel and trade  freely on the world's oceans and helps protect our country during times of international conflict.  Navy sea and air power make it possible for our country to use the oceans when and where our national interests require it.

We are glad to welcome you aboard and hope that by visiting us you become better acquainted with your Navy and the people in it.  Before departing the ship however, it would be appreciated if you signed the LOG BOOK or email me at


On 9-11-01, our nation suffered a great loss. We share in the grief of those
who have lost a loved one. We honor the men and women of our Navy
who made the supreme sacrifice. They will not be forgotten 
nor will those who fight today's battles.

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   Sunday, 26 October 2014

2,379 shipmates accounted for as of this date